Serving Through Retirement

My wife, Holly and I are privileged to run an organization that helps people get to and through retirement successfully. This period of time that we call retirement is a relatively new idea. Prior to the 1930’s here in the United States, only the very top levels of society were able to live off of their wealth.

In addition to this, as I look at scripture, I only see one reference to retirement and that is in the book of Numbers chapter 8 verses 23-26. There the Levites who had reached the age of 50 must retire from their regular service, but it says they can still assist their brothers in their duties at the tent of meeting. Even in Acts chapter 1, Luke shares that he wrote about all that Jesus began to do and teach until the day He was taken up to heaven. So as believers, we should be in a posture of service in furthering the Gospel until the Lord returns or He call us home.

One practical step our company takes as people move into retirement is in the preparation of a written income and expense plan. Many folks are caught off guard in retirement with less income and sometimes the same costs. Preparing a written income plan allows people to have more financial flexibility so as God calls, they can give and perhaps also go to serve those who are hurting and in need of the Good News of the Gospel.

Morgan D. Hill
CEO & Owner
Hill & Hill Financial, LLC

Morgan Hill was Heart for Lebanon’s first chairman of the Board of Directors. He, with his wife, still invests into the ministry by teaching leadership skills to our team in Lebanon and help us monthly by personally praying, financially investing, and being an Ambassador for Heart for Lebanon.
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