Special Music Project Complete!

You know how important music is to your church and for your worship! What if you grew up Muslim where you never knew music because it wasn’t allowed? This is a sad reality for many of the people we serve. When they meet Jesus and realize how beautiful and powerful music is, they want to participate. Because of investors like you, they now have the opportunity!

Heart for Lebanon’s Hope Evangelical Church in Zahle, has started a Music School. The purpose of this school is to help talented young men and women develop their potential to use music as a ministry. The goal is to train up a new generation of Worship Leaders for the nation of Lebanon and around the Middle East. The interest in the Music School is very high.

We are seeking your prayers for this new ministry. Thanks to some of our church partners we now have the funds to purchase top-level instruments in Lebanon and we have teachers who are already involved in helping students become better Worship leaders.  We thank God for this achievement among new believers and we are excited for the near future to see more students learning on new instruments.

Thank you so much to the churches that helped with this project this past Christmas season!