By Camille Melki

As we enter into our Summer of Hope campaign, I am asking myself, “What does hope look like for the at-risk children that we are called to serve?” What is hope for a little boy who spends hours looking in trash bins for something to eat? Or what does hope look like for a young girl forced into child-labor, or even worse, into child-marriage against her will? I am reflecting on this word “hope” as I imagine the many traumatized children in our programs; kids who have experienced war atrocities and have seen their loved ones killed in front of them. 

I could not imagine hope without being able to provide a warm meal or a sandwich to a hungry child. Hope is restored when this child and his/her family realize that someone cares and is extending a helping hand. It is restored when they understand that what is being offered is not given out of pity but rather given with a compassionate heart; a Christ-like compassionate heart.   

One can only understand hope when she, as a little girl, finds safety in a warm and welcoming environment. Rather than being forced into child-labor or child-marriage, this young girl gets the privilege to study in a safe and supportive culture. Once felt robbed from a simple and innocent childhood, this young girl now has great aspirations to excel in school and eventually in life. What is offered in the classroom is not only an excellent academic education but also Bible-based character traits that are the foundation for a transformed life in Christ.  

Words of comfort are not enough for a traumatized child. It is the beginning, but the journey is long. To help lead that child from despair to hope requires the efforts of an entire team. Our staff is dedicated to spend hours visiting, encouraging, and praying for our students. Fun activities will be the focus of this summer with Bible clubs, sport clubs, and day-camps with programs meant to bring back their missing smiles and are tools to help these children learn of the loving and caring Lord we serve. 

This summer, you are invited to take this journey of hope with us. With every contribution you make, you will be investing in the life of one of the hundreds of children that we are serving. Your investment will help feed, educate, and encourage at-risk children. Your gift will bring smiles back. More importantly, your investment will make the Bible accessible to many children and their families. Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering investing in our Summer of Hope campaign. 

We are praying to reach 2,500 children this summer. For a financial investment of $87.00 you will help us reach one child with fun and the Gospel for the next three months.  You can also join our Sustaining Hope Family for just $29 a month. In both cases you will be helping us reach a child -at-risk for just .97 cents a day.

Thank you for your gift of HOPE.     

By Camille, CEO – Co-Founder

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