Sustaining Hope

Introducing Sustaining Hope

Helping a child fulfill their God-given dreams is a practical way you can show God’s love to a child-at-risk. For an on-going monthly investment of $29, you can help provide Christian education, food, and essentials for survival to a refugee family of six.

As a member of our Sustaining Hope family you will have the opportunity to invest in the physical and spiritual development of a refugee family, connect more deeply with the refugee families we serve, and pray for the specific needs and challenges facing families.

For more information or to become a Sustaining Hope investor go to (if giving from Canada please click here) or call me @ 828-505-8432 and ask for me, James Ward, Executive Director

Al H (name has been changed) – had a hard experience with ISIS before escaping with his wife and four children to Lebanon.  “I have 4 children, life in Lebanon is very tough, but it is a lot better to be here than to be living under the occupation of ISIS.”

Today Al H able to attend H4L Bible study sessions. His wife is also attending the Women Bible Study and is growing in her faith. A few months ago she stood up in the middle of the meeting and audaciously shared about the power of the prayer in Jesus name.

Al H is serious in committing his life to Jesus, our team requested that he attend the leaders’ Bible study. “When I attend the Bible study and the worship gathering I feel that all my worries and problems are gone, and I remember how much Jesus suffered for us, and how he was crucified to give us eternal life.”

He went on to say “God is truly a living God, and now after becoming His son, I strongly believe that he was directing my life with my family, He was protecting us while we did not know Hm. The proof is being able to get out of Syria and escape from ISIS with my family, this was a real miracle, and it cannot be explained differently. Jesus saved me and my family from many obstacles we faced that could have ended our lives.”

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