Target Goals for 2024

“Prayer is the highest intelligence, the profoundest wisdom, the most vital, the most joyous, the most efficacious, the most powerful of all vocations.”—E. M. Bounds


We are praying and trusting God, in 2024, that we will be able to reach and maybe exceed the goals stated below. However, to be honest I think when God hears our goals He just smiles and says, “they have no idea!”

It’s not the target number that’s important, it’s the fact that each number represents a soul that will spend eternity in heaven or not. People of every ethnic group in Lebanon are asking questions like, “Why do we keep fighting and nothing changes?” or “What’s the answer to all this anger?” or one that is common among the children, “All I know is fighting and anger. When will it end? I’m tired of it”.  All these questions are Jesus questions and we at Heart for Lebanon are ready to answer each one.

Below are some specific goal numbers that require prayer as we look to our Lord and depend on Him for this year of ministry.

2024 Target Goals:

    • The goal is to serve 4,500 families per month in 2024.  That’s 27,000 individuals we will be serving monthly through our Family Care initiative:  Care Package Distribution, Skill Development Program, Health Care & Clinic Program, Clothes Washing Program and Shelter Support.
    • Our 2024 H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Program has 1,200 registered students being taught a full academic program with Biblical values wrapped into every lesson, character trait studies (honesty, forgiveness, trustworthiness) and a weekly Chapel service.
    • The goal for our Children-at-Risk initiative is 1,500 children a month participating in our Hope on Wheels ministry, sports programs, and Bible clubs.
    • We are praying for 900 adults each month in Spiritual Formation initiatives which are Bible studies and discipleship classes.
    • Hope Evangelical Churches weekly attendance goal is 800 for all 3 worship services. Both churches in Zahle and Ghazieh include these ministries: Sunday Morning Service, Ethnic Group Worship Service & Discipleship program (Bekaa), Bible Studies, Discipleship & Baptism Classes, Sunday School, Youth Ministry, Prayer Meetings, Pastoral Care Visits, Special Services (Christmas, Easter, New Year) Camps and Retreats.
    • We are praying for 120 people each month to be in our Missional Leadership Development program.

To reach these 2024 Target Goals, we believe we also will need 200 new Prayer Partners.

This is your personal invitation to join our Prayer Team.