When life doesn’t give you the answer of hope, you can find the answer in Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

If you look at the plight of refugees in Lebanon, strictly from politics or the humanitarian side, there is little to no hope. Where there is no hope people will soon perish. Where there is no hope, life becomes dark, without energy, little desire to make life better; simply put, there is no life. This is fertile soil where radicalization can be planted and take root.  Signs of hopelessness point to the end of a productive, fruitful life.

But God made a way out, its why Christians celebrate Easter – it’s the Resurrection – a true sign of hope!  Good Friday is about the sacrifice of Jesus where the people of Jesus’ day said there is no hope all, but then in 3 short days – the Resurrection takes place and hope is restored.

This Easter, amidst the dire humanitarian crises of the Syrian and Iraqi refugee crisis in Lebanon, it’s our joy and privilege to bring Hope to those living in despair. It’s easy because our entire team has Hope in Jesus Christ – they know what this resurrection means personally.

Because of you we get to share everyday with refugees and the under-resourced Lebanese people that Jesus Christ is the only one that gives and guarantees us Hope; Hope that is freely given and unconditional.

Thank you for allowing us, on your behalf, to help hundreds of people find and understand Hope this Easter – in Jesus name.


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