The How behind our Why

Why we do what we do is pretty simple… God commands his followers to “Go and make disciples”. Therefore, our mission is, To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ.  Making Disciples is our end goal but we have learned that it is our strategy, not just our mission, that will ultimately determine how effective we are.  It’s the how behind our why….   

Caring physically for children and families is the first step through which we are able to connect, build relationships, and invest in lives on a deeper level. We distribute supplemental food and hygiene items that are vital to basic human needs and health. This monthly care is given to families, regardless of religion or personal belief (we insure that these families fit the vulnerability criteria and indeed have need).  As needs arise we hold special distributions of carpets, winter clothing, blankets, sleeping mats and heaters, etc. to offset the harsh conditions.  

Our next step is to help address the lack of education and opportunities for children, leaving them at-risk for radicalization.  Through our H.O.P.E. program we provide a non-formal, Christ-centered education for children, most of which are orphans by middle eastern standards. This program gives children the opportunity to learn Arabic, English, math, science, biblical character traits, and leadership development.  In additional to our two Hope centers, we facilitate Hope on Wheels, a ministry truck that provides exciting and engaging educational and recreational programing for children living in tent settlements. These programs include sports activities, Bible stories, health awareness, and other educational opportunities.  

The holistic nature of the programs described above, combined with consistent and intentional relational interactions, allows us to build trust and authentic relationships with the families we serve.  These relationships provide the context for us to invite both children and adults into bible studies. It is in these environments where people begin to learn about and experience first-hand the hope of Jesus Christ. The combination of having experienced grace and dignity through our holistic programs, and learning the truth about Jesus’ love and sacrifice, creates a full picture of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and draws many Muslim and Christian background individuals into relationship with Christ.  

As a result of many coming to faith in Christ, we have been able to plant two churches that are thriving in both worship and discipleship.  Today, over 600 people are actively involved in these worship gatherings.  It is our vision that these churches will be the catalyst to disciple, train, and equip hundreds of Muslim back-ground followers of Jesus Christ to be mobilized back into Syria and some of the darkest areas of the world.  These men and women will be community leaders working to advance the church, rebuild their communities, and transform the Middle East for Christ.   

*Heart for Lebanon definition of Making Disciples:
“One, who is a follower of Jesus Christ and is becoming increasingly more like Him, does life in community with others, helping others and is sharing their faith.”

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