The Middle East Center for Justice and Missions

A ministry of Heart for Lebanon
Equipping Leaders – Building Personal Capacity – Accelerating the Gospel – Telling the Story

At its core, this is what The Middle East Center for Justice and Missions is all about. Its the outreach ministry of Heart for Lebanon with objectives to:

  1. Look at peace, Justice, and reconciliation from a Biblical perspective 
  2. Engage matters resulting from injustice through a Biblical Missional approach 
  3. Engage the unjust world with a Biblical message of peace and reconciliation 
  4. Counter injustice by raising Missional Leaders after God’s own heart 
  5. Help the Western Church understand the complex issues of justice in the Middle East and all the humanitarian crises that result from the lack of justice. This understanding can not only be seen from a political, socio-economic lens, but it also needs to be looked at from a Biblical, spiritual, and missional lens as well. 
  6. Help the Middle Eastern Church understand the Biblical foundations of humanitarian work; not only to feed, heal, and shelter people, but to also present them with an all-encompassing Christ-like compassionate mission that engages poverty/injustice at the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual levels. 
  7. Encourage the Western and Middle Eastern Churches to be proactive in raising awareness and work on matters pertaining to God’s mandate to love our neighbor, preach the Gospel, and care for the poor while at the same time addressing the issues of injustice. 
  8. Encourage the body of Christ to work together, collaborate, and share best practices in order to effectively address the issues of injustice in a Gospel centered way. 

Three ministry components that this Center will provide: 

  1. Missional Leadership training 
  • Equip missional leaders after God’s own heart.
  • Explore missional opportunities with students called to serve in Lebanon and/or the Middle East region. 
  • Train locals and refugees who have been discipled by Heart for Lebanon in order to help them build their own ministry of justice and mission among their circles of influence.
  1. Institute for Outreach and Discipleship
  • Internship program with educational and hands-on experience. 
  • Overview of Middle Eastern cultures, politics, and religious complexities. 
  • Seminars on Justice, reconciliation, and Missions in Western churches  
  • Hosting roundtables of practitioners and educators from complimentary organizations to learn, innovate, and establish best practices. Functioning as both a think tank and a laboratory for new ministry approaches and models, focusing on Justice and Mission 
  1. Missional Service Teams from Western churches
  • Connecting Western Churches to Hope Evangelical Churches in Lebanon
  • Service Team serving alongside Heart for Lebanon ministry teams
  • Vision Teams seeking to learn more about ministry opportunities in Lebanon
  • Hosting teams with specialized skills to enhance ministry offerings at Heart for Lebanon
  • Staff capacity building   

This Center will serve: 

  • Lebanese and Middle Eastern young adults 
  • Lebanese and Middle Eastern young adults living in diaspora
  • Partner churches 
  • Selected Heart for Lebanon beneficiaries  
  • Students from colleges and universities in the West
  • Young adults from US and Europe with a desire to be advocates of justice, reconciliation, and missions in the world. 

The Center for Justice and Missions Endowment Fund, when fully funded, will provide the necessary resources to operate the Middle East Center for Justice and Missions. 

Thank you so much for helping us “Make Disciples” by praying. If you would like to invest in our Justice and Missions Endowment Fund, or have any questions about it, please contact me.

Tom Atema, 
+ 1 (828) 712-7968

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