The Story of Our Worship Gatherings

Late in 2017, in a city set along the Mediterranean seacoast, a small group of refugees gathered together for a brand new experience. These people were new Muslim-born Believers (Muslims who had come to faith in Jesus Christ) and they were meeting for Worship service. It was a little but powerful service. So powerful that the refugees continued to meet every week, inviting more and more of their neighbors to join.  Today, 14 months later, the Worship service is packed every week and the spiritual growth taking place in the lives of the attendees is obvious.

Fortunately, this scenario is also taking place in the Bekaa Valley – the epicenter of the migration highway for Syrian refugees coming into the country of Lebanon.  Another congregation was planted early in 2018. Now as we begin 2019, the attendance is growing in both locations and a children’s Sunday school program has been added. Both churches have also started prayer meetings with the focus on praying for other refugees and the future of Syria.

While the Muslin-born Believer population in Lebanon is small by comparison to the evangelical population, and persecution/prejudice exists towards many of the Syrian refugees from within their own communities, the numbers of Believers is growing at a rapid pace! Their boldness and genuine desire to know Jesus is a fire that cannot be extinguished.

Please continue to pray for our Worship Gathering in the South and in the Bekaa Valley. They meet each Sunday morning for worship with each one having a Sunday school for children and a mid-week prayer meeting has started.

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