The Syrian Refugee Crisis just might be the modern Church’s greatest opportunity – Ever!

Churches these days are stretched thin. There are multiple opportunities for ministry that make it hard to pick the right ones to support when there is so much need.  Churches don’t have to go it alone to reach Syrian Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ. A true partnership with an organization that is an expert in the area of working with Syrian refugees becomes the working arm of the church. Where one ministry is lacking the other is strong.  By partnering with Heart for Lebanon, churches get to work in a place and with a people group they feel called to minister to, but do not have to have the experience or the time necessary to develop an effective ministry.   

Heart for Lebanon, a holistic ministry that serves unconditionally, has in-country experience using indigenous people to serve the refugee population.  With this experience both organizations (Heart for Lebanon and your church) become stronger and better, accomplishing more together than they could alone.

The first benefit is mutual because churches and Heart for Lebanon want the same thing: to reach as many people as possible with maximum kingdom impact.

Second: Partnerships are economical. For every one Syrian refugee that is transported to the West, a Middle-East organization can support 11 in Lebanon. A refugee family helped in Lebanon, in time, may return to Syria, which is where they want to be.

Third: Together with a holistic, on-the-ground national team using an unconditional approach, churches in the West can plant new churches among new Muslim Believers, therefore accomplishing one of their core purposes.

Fourth: When organizations have accountability and transparency, you can trust them to use the prayer and financial investments as promised. For example, Heart for Lebanon has an independent audit done each year as well as a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator, Excellence in Giving, Charity Watch, and the ECFA.

Partnerships can be an effective tool to get more accomplished for the Kingdom!

Heart for Lebanon is praying for additional church partnerships. Churches that desire to work in the area of Syrian Refugee Ministry together with us.  Contact us at:

Designed for Pastors, business & mission leaders and ministry leaders who are interested in working with Syrian refugees, our Vision Trips will let you witness everything we do including talking and praying with refugees. You are invited to be on our Next Vision Trip, February 17-22, 2018. Also contact Tom at:

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