Together We Are Better

In late April the streets of Lebanon were still quiet, shops were still closed, and people were quarantining to the best of their abilities. But, inside Heart for Lebanon’s main office in Beirut there was a lot going on. Members from the office staff, the warehouse workers, and the Hope on Wheels Team were working together to pack over 1,000 bags of food. These packages were not bound for the normal distributions into refugee tent communities but for other local Lebanese organizations and partners!

Our Team heard of another organization who contacted suppliers but who wasn’t able to negotiate to get provisions. One member of our staff said, “Trading in Lebanon has become a complicated and delicate situation.” Not many companies are able or willing to accept traditional contracts for the exchange of goods, instead hoping to get payments in cash. Since basic essentials have been in short supply, and the cost of living continues to rise, many churches and other non-government organizations have not been able to secure supplies for their beneficiaries.

Through God’s provision, your valued prayers, and Heart for Lebanon’s consistent, long-standing relationships with suppliers, we have been able to secure essential items people need. As ministry goes, when one organization has a win for God’s kingdom, we all win. So our Team wants to make sure that our partners are able to serve their own beneficiaries. To help with this they took the time to come in and make sure every package was filled with exactly what each partner needed. Luckily, we had space in our warehouse to store them and on our trucks to deliver them.

In total, over 3,000 packages of supplemental food and hygiene supplies have been packaged, stored, and distributed to ministry partners in Lebanon all at-cost so they could continue to function in the lives of the people they serve. This is what we mean when we say “Together We Are Better”.

Your support is greatly appreciated and needed during this pandemic and pending economic crisis. We have been able to further accomplish our mission by leveraging our good relationships with suppliers in-country to help other faith-based organizations fulfill their mission. Your financial gift of any amount will help us continue these strong relationships and growing partnerships. Thank You! 

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