Family Care and Education

1: Family Care

Caring physically for families is the first step though which we are able to connect and begin a relationship that allows us to invest in lives on a deeper level. We distribute supplemental food and hygiene items that are vital to basic health. These monthly portions are given to families, regardless of religion or personal belief – we insure that these families fit the vulnerability criteria and are indeed in need. As needs arise we hold special distributions of carpets, winter clothing, blankets, sleeping mats and heaters to offset the harsh winter conditions.

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2: Children at Risk

Fifty-two percent of the 1.5 million Syrian refugees living in Lebanon are children under the age of 18. These children have seen and experienced horrific things in their young lives. Without an education they will not develop academic, social, or spiritual capacity necessary to establish a better future for their families and communities. Most of our students are orphans by Middle East standards. Heart for Lebanon is providing learning activities on a consistent basis in the classroom and the tent settlements to reach the as many refugee children as possible.

Here is what we are doing to move these children from Despair to Hope

H.O.P.E. Education Program

H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Education Program provides non-formal education for refugee children who are unable to attend local schools because of cost or/and availability. Most of the children have been out of school for years and some have never been to school, which has made them prime targets for radical groups to exploit. This program gives children the opportunity to learn basic Arabic, English, math, science and health awareness, biblical character development instruction, and leadership skill training. There are also special opportunities for art, music, and tutoring. H.O.P.E. Each one of the children we serve also receives care for their families.

Hope on Wheels

A mobile ministry truck traveling between tent communities offering hundreds of refugee children an opportunity to play and learn in a safe environment and enjoy being children again. The truck arrives in a tent community on a scheduled day and pulls out a stage, sets up an area for the children to gather and presents skits, music, videos, and games based on Bible stories. The Hope on Wheels also includes opportunities for children to participate in sport activities, Bible clubs, health awareness and other educational opportunities.

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