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Just as Jesus reached out to the broken and hurting, Heart for Lebanon open its doors to the refugee community in Lebanon. In our efforts to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ, Heart for Lebanon aims to restore hope to the hopeless through a holistic approach where spiritual, social, physical and educational needs are met.

Most Syrian refugees who have fled the crisis in Syria are children. Considering that their lives have been nothing close to ordinary, these refugee children have already missed out on years of education. With the Syrian war entering its 6th consecutive year of fighting, a large portion of the Syrian refugee children has never even had the chance to go to school. Without a proper education, most Syrian refugee children today will grow up to be a generation of illiterates ready to be infiltrated by radical thought.

It is because of these reasons that Heart for Lebanon’s educational program exists. We dream of a better and brighter future for Syria’s young generations and we aim to reach that dream.  A big part of the program is to support the families of Syrian refugee children through building relationships with the parents and listening to their heartbreaking stories. Halima, a young mother of 3, is one of the many parents entrusting Heart for Lebanon with her kids’ education.

Although Halima comes from a Muslim background she has entirely dedicated her life to Jesus after hearing the Word of God from a local Lebanese pastor. Halima soon faced persecution from her husband as well as from extended family members.  “When I became a believer and started to go to church, my husband and I kept arguing about my faith,” said Halima about her husband’s skepticism towards Christ.

In the first months of her walk with Christ, Halima’s life reached yet another low when her husband became ill and struggled with heart disease. As his health deteriorated, Halima urged her husband to pray to Jesus and dedicate his life to Christ. In an answer to prayer, Halima’s husband accepted Christ as his personal savior and openly shared the Word with his family so that they can believe in Jesus too. A few weeks later he passed away.  Since then, Halima’s two sons, who are only 9 and 11 years old, have taken it upon themselves to look out for their mother and 6-year-old sister. At Heart for Lebanon’s educational program, Halima’s children not only receive a good education but also get the chance to be kids.  “I am so happy that the Heart for Lebanon school teaches my kids Bible along with their education,” Halima said. “The school has instilled a good base for my kids and I am sure that no matter where they go they will flourish.”