We Choose to Trust Him (Syrian Family – Bekaa)

Walid and his family were living peacefully in Syria before the war. Walid was a civil servant earning a very good salary. He was the sole breadwinner of the family and was able to meet all their needs. In 2019, as the civil war intensified, the city where his family lived was engulfed in danger and people started to experience electricity and fuel outages―they were unable to afford the cost of living. Facing numerous challenges, the family decided to flee their home country and come to Lebanon for safety.

“We were so horrified with the idea that we may die at any minute. One could not be safe in his own house because no region in Syria was safe―shelling and clashes were everywhere!” Walid said sadly.

The family settled in the Bekaa in a very humble house. At first, they were socially isolated and felt so lonely. “It was so difficult for us to be detached from our community and family. It took us a while to adjust to this new environment, and this would not have been possible without the help of good people like you who surrounded us with special care,” Rachelle, his wife, said gratefully.

A few months after settling here, the family came to know about Heart for Lebanon through one of their neighbors, and started to benefit from a monthly care package. At that time, the living condition of the family was very bad because no one was working. They were using their savings to pay the rent of the house and meet their needs.

“Heart for Lebanon’s staff visit us very often. They always come to our house with a great message of hope and encouragement from the Bible. They show us respect, love, and genuine care. That was the reason why I decided to join the Bible study group. I just wanted to be close to the staff because they felt like home to me,” Rachelle said excitedly.

After one year of getting to know Heart for Lebanon, Rachelle had gallstones in her gallbladder causing her severe pain. The doctor told her that her case requires a surgery to remove it. One day before the surgery, Rachel’s son Jimmy was so anxious about his mother and called our staff to come to his house and pray for her. Without any hesitation, two of our staff went there and prayed fervently for Jimmy’s mother. The next day, Jimmy went to the hospital with his mother to undergo the surgery but what happened left them in awe!

“The Doctor’s eyes popped out of his head with astonishment as he saw the pre-surgery CT scan result. He declared complete healing. The gallbladder showed no stones in it on the CT scan. At that moment, my eyes burst into tears, and when we turned back home I went to my room bowed my knees and cried before the Lord so gratefully for miraculously healing my mother. I could not do anything but receive Jesus as Lord and Savior!” Jimmy said with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

This incident had a great impact on all the family members, especially Jimmy who decided to trust and follow almighty God. From that time he became a witness of Christ and did not miss an opportunity to share the Gospel with every one he encounters. He started to regularly attend the church meetings and serve with the youth.

“Lebanon is in turmoil, and it is hard to think about a bright future amid a deepening economic crisis. The Syrian displaced people’s households bear the brunt because of unemployment or the very low incomes. I have many dreams and I want to pursue my studies abroad so that I can make them come true,” he continued. “However, despite all the uncertainties we are living in, I chose to trust the Lord for He is there during the unpredictable times, and He has a great plan for me and my family!” Jimmy concluded. 

The Word of God is so powerful to touch and change the hearts of a whole family. It is a great privilege for us to hear such testimonies and rejoice in the Lord with them.

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