Who We Serve

Families in Despair

The country of Lebanon is no stranger to crisis. Eighteen years of civil/regional wars plus thirty years of foreign occupation have crippled the government and destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure. Decades of corruption have led to a sharp devaluation of the local currency. Soaring unemployment and political instability are driving more and more families below the poverty line every day. The COVID19 crisis and the explosion that devastated downtown Beirut have only compounded the desperation of the situation in Lebanon.  

If that was not enough, today, Lebanon hosts the highest population of refugees per capita of any country in the world. These families have fled war and violence looking for shelter and basic provisions.  The effects of the ongoing refugee crisis only deepen the pain and suffering in Lebanon. Both, Lebanese and refugee families are experiencing significant hardships. For many, despair overshadows their lives.

Heart for Lebanon comes alongside families living in despair by helping meet physical needs, providing access to education, and building authentic relationships that allow us to introduce them to the hope that is found in Jesus Christ.  

In the midst of the growing crisis, we see God moving in historic ways.  More people are turning to Christ in the Middle East today than any time in history.  Heart for Lebanon is taking full advantage of this unique season to reach, engage, and disciple men, women and children, many of which have never heard the truth about Jesus Christ.  God is transforming lives, changing communities, and moving in a way that will reshape the country of Lebanon and thus the Middle-East. 

Who We Are

From Despair to Hope

Heart for Lebanon is a nondenominational Christian organization that is creating faith-defining environments that give under-resourced families and children in Lebanon the chance to encounter God and grow spiritually

The families we serve are living in desperate conditions.  The majority of which include widows and orphans who struggle to survive the harsh realities of life in Lebanon. By assessing the specific needs of each family, our unconditional physical care begins by providing essential survival items like, supplemental food, hygiene supplies, wood stoves, bedding, mattresses etc. This show of care gives us the opportunity to build intentional relationships with the families we serve.  We are intentional, not to create dependency, but to fill a short-term gap while spiritual healing and restoration takes place.   

Over 50% of 2 million Syrian refugees living in Lebanon are children under the age of 18.  The youngest of these have known no other life than that of poverty in unstable living conditions. Without an education they will not develop the academic, social, or spiritual capacity necessary to establish a better future for themselves, their families, or their communities. Heart for Lebanon is providing value-based learning environments on a consistent basis in the classroom and the tent settlements to teach, encourage, and equip as many children as possible.

These environments allow our indigenous staff the privilege to hold relational conversations, giving our team time to speak one-on-one with families while listening to their emotional needs and stresses. Sharing life stories opens the door for the team to introduce Jesus Christ into the conversation and unconditionally invite the family to attend Bible Studies and Worship Gatherings.  As people learn and grow in their faith, a passion develops to tell others about Jesus.  People who desire ongoing discipleship and leadership training are able to receive in-depth training.  Together we are building a new community of value-based servant leaders to reach their sphere of influence with the Gospel.