Widad’s Story

Widad’s story is one of resilience and perseverance. Born in 1962 in Kherbet Kanafar, a town in West Bekaa, Lebanon, she grew up in a bustling household with four brothers and three sisters. Her father managed both a cow farm and a sheep farm, instilling in Widad the values of hard work and determination.

Seeking better educational opportunities, her family relocated to Beirut, the capital city, where they enrolled in a private school. After completing her studies, Widad met Daher, who later became her husband. Daher worked in the construction industry, supporting the family with his income, and together they raised three children.

In 1985, their lives took a devastating turn when Daher was diagnosed with cancer. The family sold their assets, including their house, to cover medical expenses, but despite their efforts, Daher succumbed to the illness after a yearlong battle.

Left as the sole provider, Widad faced immense challenges. Despite financial constraints, she took a job in a clothing store while also enrolling in a public university to study nursing. Her determination to improve her family’s quality of life led her to obtain her nursing certificate, and she worked tirelessly as a nurse in a hospital.

Widad’s dedication allowed her to support her children until they established their households. However, in 2013, she faced another hurdle when she was diagnosed with cancer herself. Fortunately, her job at the hospital provided access to social security, easing the burden of treatment expenses, and she successfully overcame the disease.

At the age of 54, Widad retired from her nursing career, but her financial struggles persisted, exacerbated by Lebanon’s economic crisis in 2019. Unable to afford her apartment rent, she made the difficult decision to relocate to the Bekaa region for more affordable living, relying on financial support from her children to make ends meet.

During a routine visit from members of ‘Heart for Lebanon,’ Widad found solace and spiritual guidance. Grateful for the opportunity to address her questions and deepen her faith, she began attending Bible study sessions regularly.

“I am thankful for your willingness to address my numerous questions,” she expressed, “and I pray that God continues to grant strength and guide the growth of the church.” Widad’s resilience and unwavering faith serve as an inspiration to all who know her story.