Winter Jackets

With the recent economic recession that has hit Lebanon, local and refugee families have been trying to survive with what little they have. Food, clothing, medical support, and education (the list goes on) have become luxuries for most families. Basic needs have become so expensive for locals and refugees that a high percentage of families are only able to rely on humanitarian help. 

Early this winter, Heart for Lebanon distributed jackets for children. These children basically live in their jackets, wearing them while at home as the families can’t afford to put a heater on. With the electricity cuts and high cost of fuel, anyone who is lucky enough to have a generator is having to cut it off several hours every day and almost the whole night. Most families don’t have generator subscriptions because of the high cost. On the other hand, refugees who live in tents in muddy and flooded camps are bearing the ice-cold winters with minimum heating and heavy rains. 

Our H.O.P.E (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Program students had the chance to choose their own jacket, making sure they got a bigger size so they can wear it next year too. They were so excited. It has been a while now since many of them had gotten any clothing. The students shared how happy they are with all the care and love they receive at the Hope Ministry Center. 

Thank You to everyone that has invested in and loved these students, keeping them in your prayers and thoughts!

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