Winter Storms

The year 2019 started with a Big Bang! Two back-to-back winter storms have left many tent settlements in desperate need of support. The high winds tore many tents and destroyed the thin plastic sheets used as separation between the cold stormy weather and the families huddling inside. Snow and flooding in most areas caused even more harm to the at-risk children attending our H.O.P.E. educational programs, as well as to their parents.

Without missing a beat, our team jumped in to help them. Within a day or two the Team was delivering blankets, heaters, and bread to the families most effected and exposed to the cold. All while continuing the ministry programs of 2018 and adding new ones. New Bible Study classes have been added. New evening prayer and discipleship programs were added in the South of Lebanon and in the Bekaa Valley. People are hungry to hear the Good News. They are searching for opportunities to learn more about Jesus and to better understand the Gospel message of love and forgiveness.

Young and old are taken by the unconditional love of Christ and and are seeing it first-hand through our Team. At Heart for Lebanon, our 2019 motto is Jesus came to fix what was broken. We are committed to introduce new believers to this Jesus they are hearing about for the first time. Broken and scared they come to us; having lost everything they have and are afraid of opportunists who want to cash in on their miseries. Once in contact with Heart for Lebanon, refugees from Syria and the local host communities alike experience the love of Jesus and are cared for unconditionally. They are fed, educated, encouraged, and prayed for. Their trust in humanity is rekindled and their dignity and self-worth are restored.

God is doing tremendous work among the refugee population we are called to serve. We are experiencing an amazing transformation in the lives of children at our educational programs as well as in the lives of their respective families living in tent settlements and makeshift homes. Kurdish refugee communities in particular are the most receptive to the Gospel. They are insisting we hold special discipleship lessons to help them grow in their faith in Christ. Kurdish converts are leading their own Kurdish communities in worship, prayers, and Bible lessons.

New community leaders are emerging from within the refugee communities. Converts from Islam, believers in Christ as their personal savior, are leading others to believe in Him and are discipling them to grow in their faith and to follow Jesus with humility and integrity. Heart for Lebanon is committed to help equip leaders from within the refugee population who will lead their respective families and communities into a brighter future for Syria. The war in Syria has caused so much death and destruction. Anger and hatred are in every heart – in every broken family. Our commitment for 2019 is to help reverse this situation by building up new communities of faith; loving, caring, forgiving communities lead by Godly leaders.

The year 2019 has started with A Big Bang! Pray with us that this zeal for Jesus continues to grow among those we serve and that we will be always ready to respond to the calls for more Bible study classes and more discipleship programs equipping the young and old to serve our Lord and Jesus Christ.

You are a vital part of 2019, by your consistent prayers and investing financially you are providing the ability to minister unconditionally and holistically. We are excited about was has been started and by faith and we are eager to see what lies ahead!

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