Meet Ritaj and Mohammad
Ritaj and Mohammad are two of many refugee children whose lives have been eternally changed through education. Through our H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Program, they are not only growing academically, but unlike most children in Lebanon, they are also learning about a God who loves them, who died for them, and who wants a personal relationship with them.
You can change the future of a student living in poverty through your generosity.

I know that Jesus is God, and I believe that He died for our sins on the cross and this is what I want to share with my friends!”
– Raeda (10 yr old refugee student)

“Changing the kids is changing the future of the community.”
– Nadine (staff)

“When I came from Syria, I did not know how to read or write. I came to the Hope Center School, and it changed my life.”
– Ritaj (14 yr old Syrian Student)

As an organization, we believe prayer is vital in leading people from Despair to Hope. If you would like to stay informed on how to pray for those we serve, please consider joining us.
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